How to register as a Toi Iho Artist

TOI IHO exists for Maori.  It will become an active icon for Maori artists when those on the list on this website use Toi Iho with their work.

Toi Iho is a licensed trademark launched in 2002 that signifies Maori Made, quality and authenticity for Maori art and Maori artists. The Toi Iho Charitable Trust is committed to maintaining a register of Toi Iho artists, supporting their high-quality new and shifting creative work and advancing the cultural future of Maori as indigenous people od Aotearoa.

We are striving to promote Te Ara Whakarei, Lifetime Toi Iho artists who are registered to use Toi Iho. Existing Toi Iho artists are encouraged to identify their work with the new kokowai coloured trademark and celebrate 21 years of Toi Iho.

To apply for the Toi Iho trademark, please send the following information to 

  1. your confirmation that you agree to be a Toi Iho artist
  2. your mail and email address/es
  3. your iwi and hapu affiliation
  4. a brief resume for the website 
  5. at least two high-definition images of your artworks for the website
  6. a high-definition image of yourself for the website and for a future brochure about Toi Iho
  7. Some ways in which you would like to use Toi Iho, such as on: business cards, exhibition labels, labels for all items for sale in shops, museums and galleries, catalogues, posters, book jackets, film credits, CD/ DVD covers.

* Note: New applicants will apply under the category of Te Ara Hoe (emerging artists).