Tēnā koutou Katoa 

Nau Mai,  Piki Mai,  Haere Mai

Welcome to Toi Iho – 2022

Toi Iho is the registered and globally recognised trademark of quality and authenticity of Māori art and artists.  It is acknowledged as an exceptional cultural initiative by and for Indigenous NZ Māori by WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, in Geneva.

Toi Iho distinguishes the work of Māori from others in the market place. It seeks to protect Māori art from misappropriation and copy cat non-Māori.  The aim is that Toi Iho artists will display the Mark on their work as Māori-Made and retailers will promote the trademark and Māori artists. 

The works of each new applicant is assessed by leaders in the art form so that high-quality is assured and maintained.  

The Toi Iho Charitable Trust is the legal entity established to care for and manage Toi Iho on behalf of Māori and approve Toi Iho creative works as genuinely Māori Made.

We ask that our Toi Iho artists to send us information about new exhibitions or other cultural events so we can profile them on these pages. We are keen to celebrate and showcase the breadth and diversity of Māori art practice today. Nō reira, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa!

New developments: 

The Toi Iho Charitable Trust has developed a number of new directions for the future.

  • We support the WMAG, Wairau Māori Art Gallery opened on 19 February 2022.  While it is one of the two galleries inside the Hundertwasser Art Centre and is sited in Te Taitokerau, it is a gallery for all Māori everywhere. The WMAG inaugural exhibition Puhi Ariki is curated by Nigel Borell of the recently successful Toi Tū, Toi Ora Exhibition, Auckland Art Gallery, Toi ō Tāmaki.  Many of the artists who exhibit in the WMAG will  1.  belong to the Toi Iho collective and  2. will whakapapa to Te Taitokerau Māori and be artists of high quality.   
  • We support initiatives of iwi and hapu collectives of Māori artists from the visual, performance and language disciplines, who either whakapapa to iwi, hapu or live in the iwi rohe such as:
  • Hihiaua Cultural Centre, Whangārei. http://hihiaua.org.nz
  • Te Tairāwhiti Arts, Gisborne. www.tetairawhitigisborne.co.nz
  • Toi Ngāpuhi.  Te Taitokerauwww.toingapuhi.co.nz
  • Toi Matarau.  `Otaki.   http://maorilandfilm.co.nz
  • Māoriland Films.   www.toi.maorilandfilm.co.nz
  • Iwitoi, Ngāti Kahungunu, Hastings. 
  • We are re-establishing relationships with retailers of cultural products in Museums, Art Galleries and the general market place.  Visitors will be encouraged to buy the best of Māori art, authentic and high quality, marked by the Toi Iho trademark.

Over the next 30 years, we envisage that the Toi Iho trademark will be a symbol of the creative spirit of Māori and Aotearoa New Zealand.  Toi Iho will exemplify the best of Māori art and Māori artists who perpetuate traditional cultural expressions, demonstrate contemporary technologies and practices and lead the way for future generations.

We plan to promote our artists as role models of best practice for aspiring artists, enhance the cultural profile of Māori, and benefit the overall culture of New Zealand.

The Toi Iho icon aims to be distinguished from copy-cat products that claim to be Māori or made by Maori.

Improved structures and systems

We have an outstanding kokowai red Toi Iho design and guidelines for artists. We hope to see the new kokowai design featured by Toi Iho artists, on their publications, exhibitions, performances and creative activities.

We have an established accounting system with reliable Honorary Chartered Accountants, Hounsell Accounting Ltd, Birkenhead, Auckland.   We have a working website, maintained by three Honorary Administrators.  We have strategies to begin seeking sponsorship and funding to support resources for Toi Iho artists.   

During Covid-Delta August 2021,  we were joined by two new trustees;

Elizabeth Hauraki Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Porou.  Elizabeth is a Professional Fundraiser and an experienced Charitable Trust Manager.   

Dr. Benjamin Pittman ONZM,  Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Hao, Ngāti Hau, Chair of Te Parawhau.  He is a Toi Iho Artist, an Historian and skilled writer.   They will continue using their skills for the advantage of the Toi Iho Charitable Trust.


Te toi whakairo, ka ihiihi, ka wehiwehi, ka aweawe te ao katoa.
Artistic excellence makes the world sit up in wonder.

Featured Toi Iho Artists